Anal Wart Removal FAQ


Can the procedure be done in the doctor’s office?

Yes, anal wart removal can be performed in the comfort of the office under local anesthesia. It takes 10 minutes. We perform less invasive surgeries using a radio frequency equipment.

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Does it hurt? Any risks?

Pain is typically mild, and patients should alternate warm sitz baths with ice packs to reduce discomfort. Antibiotics may be prescribed as a precautionary measure against infection. The common surgical complications include the infection and bleeding.

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Will anal warts come back?

Recurring anal warts may occur.

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Will a single treatment cure anal warts?

No, a single treatment usually does not cure anal warts. The virus may stay and cause new anal warts to form even if none are visible, so it’s important to do close follow-ups for up to six months. Small warts that reappear can easily be treated in the office. If the new warts are not treated, there could be serious problems, such as the warts becoming cancerous.

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How can the spread of anal warts be prevented?

Here are some ways to prevent the virus from spreading:

  • Sexual partners should be checked.
  • Refrain from sexual activity until treatment is completed.
  • Use condoms.

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