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Infrared Coagulation (IRC) and Banding

While many people associate hemorrhoids with painful surgery, only a small percentage of patients actually require surgery. A fast and simple office procedure has taken the fear out of hemorrhoid treatment. The majority of hemorrhoid patients are candidates for the non-surgical treatments such as infrared coagulation (IRC) and banding.

One Stop Medical Center is the specialized procedure clinic that focuses on office procedures. We provide complete care for all types of hemorrhoids and other common anorectal diseases with minimally invasive approaches.  Dr. Shu has 20 years of experience in hemorrhoid care—regardless of how severe your hemorrhoids are, the kind of hemorrhoids you’re dealing with, or if you’re battling any anorectal diseases, we’ll help you find a solution.

Supported by an outstanding medical team and equipped with cutting edge technology, our state-of-the-art accredited surgical center sets the standard for patient safety and high quality medical care.

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