Make Men Smile® – Medical Mission Trip to Haiti (April 2021)

From April 25-May 2, Make Men Smile surgical team carried out a medical mission to New Hope Hospital near Cape Haitien, Haiti.

This was the 7th medical mission in Haiti (5th in New Hope hospital ) lead by Dr. Steven Shu, to perform hydrocelectomies for patient suffering from filarial hydrocele, and other types of hydroceles.

We served 49 patients, performed 69 cases of hydrocelectomies, 8 cases of inguinal hernia repairs, 4 cases of orchiectomy, 2 case of scrotal plasty. Among these patients, 22 patients had bilateral hydroceles, 8 patients also had coexisting inguinal hernia. Most hydroceles were medium-sized, 6 patients’ hydrocele liquid was greater or equal to 1000 ml, the largest amount in one patient was 3000 ml. All surgeries were successful without any complications.

In addition to the scheduled hydrocelectomy, inguinal hernia repair, our team was requested by the hospital president to provide anesthesia care for two emergency surgeries: one patient needed a stat C-session for fetal distress, another patient needed debridement of left leg due to narcotizing fasciitis and severe sepsis. We were happy to be readily available in times of emergency.

Thanks to following team members that made this medical mission possible:

  • Dr. Steven Shu, a cosmetic surgeon from Minnesota, USA
  • Dr. Kevin Lee, a urologist from Florida, USA
  • Dr. Xin Liu, a cardiac anesthesiologist from New Jersey, USA
  • Dr. Liguang Huang, an anesthesiologist from Maryland, USA
  • Dr. Annie Poreider, a former Gynecologist from China
  • Dr. Jing Liu, a former internal medicine physician from China
  • Ms. Yi Zhang, a photographer from California, USA
  • Dr. Accilus, a urology fellow from Fond Parisien, Haiti
  • Dr. Richardson, a third-year surgical resident, Haiti

This mission was funded by the Surgeon Volunteers’ Make Men Smile® program through fundraising throughout the United States. For more information about Make Men Smile® mission program and how to support future missions, please visit


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