Jan 2018 Haiti Mission

Minnesota surgeon Dr. Steven Shu, medical director of One Stop Medical Center, led a group of Chinese American doctors from the United States to Haiti in January 2018 to provide free medical care for local residents. This is the sixth time since 2015 Dr. Shu has been active in international medical missions, as well as his fourth time in Haiti.

Dr. Shu and fellow surgeon Dr. Dean Currie performed about 40 office procedures on this mission trip. Three other team physicians (Seattle neurologist Keyi Yang, New Jersey neuro-ophthalmologist Ming He, San Jose internist Jerri Mao) provided general care to hundreds of villagers at a mobile clinic with the help of other mission group members.

Over the past 14 years, Dr. Shu has enjoyed contributing to local communities. Since 2015, he has focused more on his international volunteer work in Haiti and the Philippines. In 2017, he became a founding president of Medical Volunteers International (MVI), a new non-profit organization for Chinese American physicians dedicated to bringing medical missions to the world’s poorest countries. MVI collaborated with the faith-based, non-profit organization Mission of Hope Haiti to carry out the first Haitian International Medical Program.

Dr. Shu’s medical mission dream is to establish surgical centers in Haiti.


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