The December 2020 Mission Trip to Fond Parisien, Porter-au-Prince, Haiti

Since 2017, Surgeon Volunteers’ MakeMenSmile program has been dedicated to relieve Haitians’ suffering from hydroceles due to lymphatic filariasis disease. From December 1-5, 2020, amid the second pandemic peak of COVID-19 in America, a group of 4 Chinese American physicians carried out a surgical mission trip to Fond Parisien, Porter-au-Prince (PAP), the capital city of Haiti to perform hydrocelectomies for local Haitian patients. This was the 2nd mission trip to PAP area led by Dr. Steven Shu. The mission team partnered with the Higgins Brothers Surgicenter for the Hope in PAP. A group of local Haitian physicians also participated in the surgical operations.

We performed 53 hydrocelectomies, 5 inguinal hernia repairs, and 1 scrotal cyst excision for 41 patients. Among these patients, 12 patients had bilateral filarial hydroceles, 5 patients also had coexisting inguinal hernia, and 1 patient had a coexisting scrotal cyst. Most hydroceles were medial sizes, no scrotoplasty was needed. All surgeries were successful without any complications.

Thanks to following team members that made this year’s medical mission possible:

• Dr. Steven Shu, a cosmetic surgeon and office proceduralist from Minnesota, USA
• Dr. Liguang Huang, an anesthesiologist from Maryland, USA
• Dr. Fran Yu, a family physician from New Jersey, USA
• Dr. Annie Poreider, a former Gynecologist from China
• Dr. Peterson Thosiac, the chief surgeon from Higgins Brothers Surgicenter, Fond Parisien, Haiti
• Dr. Jolius Thelusme, a urologist from Fond Parisien, Haiti
• Dr. Accilus, a urology fellow from Fond Parisien, Haiti
• Dr. Etienne, the chief anesthesiologist at Higgins Brothers Surgicenter, Fond Parisien, Haiti

This mission was funded by the MakeMenSmile program through fundraising throughout the United States. For more information about Make Men Smile® mission program and how to support future missions, please visit


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