Jun 2019 MakeMenSmile Haiti Mission

June 18 – June 22, The Surgical Mission through the collaboration of Surgical Volunteers and Medical Volunteers International (MVI)

Dr. Steven Shu led a small group of American doctors from the United States and went to the Cap Haitien, Haiti from June 18 to June 22 to initiate “Make Men Smile” hydrocele program. The program was supported by the Surgeon Volunteers ( surgeonvolunteers.org) and Medical Volunteers International (medvolunteers.org) and provided free surgical care for local patients with filarial hydroceles.

The medical mission team consisted of 5 team members, including 3 surgeons (Dr. Steven Shu, urologist Dr. Kevin Lee, and local haitian surgeon Dr.Bright) and an office proceduralist Dr. Peiyi Hu, and a local haitian CRNA.

The surgical mission was carried out in the New Hope hospital. 20 patients with large filarial hydroceles were operated, including 3 cases needed scrotoplasty.

“Make Men Smile” hydrocele mission will be carried out three time a year.


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