Surgical Excision is Often More Effective and Efficient in Treating Thrombosed External Hemorrhoids | Mineapolis & St Paul

Everyone in Minnesota has normal hemorrhoids tissue- clusters of venous complex that reside below the mucus membrane of the rectum and anus. They become an issue once they become swollen and prolapsed as a result of prolonged pressure. External hemorrhoids are formed under the skin around the anus secondary to internal hemorrhoids. The skin outside of an external hemorrhoid can be irritated, which can be very uncomfortable in flare-up. If thrombosis (blood clot) occurs after hemorrhoidal veins rupture, it can cause severe pain and swelling of the external hemorrhoid, identifiable by the blue-purple discoloration of the swollen hemorrhoids, which can easily observed looking at the anus. Risk factors associated with thrombosed external hemorrhoids could be related to increased rectal pressure during bowel movement, heavy lifting, constipation and traumatic vaginal delivery.

The symptoms of thrombosed external hemorrhoids appear within 48-72 hours. If the rectal pain is not severe, and thromboses is relatively small, they can be managed with conservative treatment, including stool softeners, fiber, fluid intake, warm baths, and pain relief. However, for most patients, surgical excision is often more effective and efficient in treating thrombosed external hemorrhoids. Surgical excision is an office-based procedure performed under local anesthesia. This safe office procedure offers low complication and recurrence rates and high levels of patient satisfaction.

One study showed that surgical treatment resulted in significant faster symptom resolution (3.9 days post procedure compared to 24 days if left untreated). 24 days is a long time to deal with acute anorectal pain- most would opt for the procedure. Afterwards a skin tag may be left which can be surgically removed.

If you have thrombosed external hemorrhoids, please consider Procedure Clinic in Edina, MN to take care of your needs.

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